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A love song to America's best actor, Paul Rudd.


I was clueless when I walked into this bar
And you knew this so you bought me a sidecar
I said "Let's do this," and we were off in your Jaguar
Wasting no time, I gave my famous road-head from my foreplay repertoire

Darling, you're the object of my affection,
You set me snarling at the sight of your erection
This bar fling has me flung into flexion
The Shape Of Things in your pants is The Size Of Watermelons.

This American summer's got me wet and hot;
I just cooled off with sixteen body shots.
I know who you are, you fuckin' funny stud
Your wife can watch if she wants to, let's do it, Mr. Paul Rudd.

Verse 3
Let me show you The Areas of my Expertise
I'll set you aglow oooooh gimme a piece
The Oh in my Ohio's about to increase
I Could never be your woman with all of this slick man-grease

Chorus 2:
Do you wanna know how I know you’re gay?
Lemme show you by fuckin' you in a straight way
Forget Sarah Marshall, she's a skanky slut
I want to be your anchor, man, I LOVE YOU MAN! Paul Rudd...

Bridge: D, Dm, C, G
On a scale of one to nine, you're The Ten.
When tonight is over, I wanna be more than Friends
I can show you pleasure, I can show you pain
But only if you show me Nude Tayne
Nude. Tayne.

Chorus 3:
The sun is rising, the liquor's wearing off
Just let me find my bra and re-do my coif
Well, last night goes in the books not as a dud...
Thank you for a very nice tiii---
You're not Paul Rudd.


released October 17, 2012
Courtney McLean - lead vocals & banjo
Cherry Mae - vocals, guitar
The Two Annas - vocals, shakers
Ray Ray - vocals, cello




Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls Los Angeles, California

Bluegrassy Dirty Comedy Music. Putting the ass in bluegrass since 2009. AKA Naughtybilly.

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